Back in Australia for 2 days

I left Japan last night on Jetstar and arrived on the Gold Coast this moring to a beautiful winters day.
Got the rental and car and straight into getting the couple of things I need to get done while I’m here. Then went and saw me old mate Joppy, then around to Gilly and Jodies for an awesome home-cooked meal, wow it was great. A pie to make her awesome potato bake drop down to 2nd. I went down and had a run along the beach which was great, fresh air and the sound of the waves and then the smiling face of Toddy, new super dad – thanks for coming for a run with me Toddy.
Was sad to leave Japan again but just the same as I always do, I had a great time this time in I got to meet alot of new friends and did alot different than the usual things I have done in the past there, so that made it even more fun. Looking forward to going back at the end of the year.
A huge thank you to everyone who helped me out this time, especially Iida san from Foot Trainers, Ken Shirakata from Top Gear, Naoko Kojima, Kai Hatori, Takano san and Emi.
You guys all made it another great trip to Japan. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!!

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