Back from Nepal to Japan

Wow what a awesome trip that was, I think it could have been one of my best, I meet some amazing people from all sorts of world,laughed so much and the mountain were so beautiful and HUGE, Nepal is a place that you can just get lost in and feel as safe and at home in, The people are so nice and friendly and will help you out with anything,
They are so so strong when it comes to carrying anything and I mean anything on the backs.
Now back in Japan for about 2 weeks just to sort a couple of things and talk to some people about my NZ run which is getting more exciting everyday with everyone wanting to help out and make it more fun. Got lots of ideas in Nepal and looking forward to getting them in the pipe line,
Here in Japan well this sunday going to run a ultra 100kms . Why not, see if trekking in the himalayas and at attitude has keep up the fittness and just to help out the familys in Iwate which is up in the tsunami affected area. So hope it is a nice day and the legs are right. Looking forward to meeting the runners and my new friend Mr Domon and his mates, I meet him just before I went to Nepal and he asked if I would like to come with them to this run.
Im off to Inawashiro tomorrow morning which is where I work here in Japan which is in Fukushima, yes where the neuclear plant is but it’s about 100km or so in the mountains and all is sweet there, got some plumbing to fix and sort my things for Iwate.
will do a write up on the Everest run and trip when I get there and get some photos up. So many great shots and memorys that you have to see.

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