A new direction and I'm excited- Being truly Happy and in the moment.

Its been a while since I last wrote and well lots has happened, I have arrived back in Wanaka in New Zealand which is my home town.  I left the states back at the start of Dec 2015 and headed for Japan where I caught up with friends and chatted about protenial work for the future. I have always loved Japan and worked there lots over the years, They have the 2019 Rugby World cup and then the 2020 Summer Olympics so lots of great sporting events coming up which I really want to be apart of in one way or another. I was on a researching trip to see what is happening and telling people it’s a dream of mine to be there for them both. Gotta get it out there aye.

Then I hit NZ and had great plans of riding the length of the country North to South but after just a day I found that my mountain bike didn’t like having a fully loaded trailer hanging off it, The wheel falling out of the frame was the sign haha. so I saw some great close friends and chilled out for a week before arriving home to find some work. After a huge 2015 my bank was screaming at me to give it some love and pay some bills. They didn’t understand when I said sorry and tried to explain what i had been up too. The real world doesn’t understand my life well the banks etc that is but it doesn’t worry me one little bit.

So I rang up my old plumbing boss and asked if he had any work for me, Not the thing i want to do but having a trade has helped me live the way i do and Im truly thankful to everyone who pushed me to do it when I was 16.  Lucky there is a little work and I have been getting back on top of things while exploring my mind and feelings for the next thing. Exciting times for a dreamer aye.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to get back out on the road and crew for 2 friends who were running some trails around NZ, I spent 3 weeks driving up and around the country picking them up  and dropping them off at trail head s and ends. I got to se some amazing places that I didn’t even know where out there.  I loved every minute and it was so nice to be living the way I want to, Free and on the road not really knowing where tomorrow will take me. The nomad life is so awesome.

Once that time was up I’ve come back to Wanaka and are plumbing again , Been very quite in the ways of going out but busy in my head sorting out direction and what it is I am and want to do from now on. The last 5 yrs has been so amazing and I dont think I can do anything else. I don’t mean running crazy amounts of miles and for days/months on end but I do mean being in that moment and enjoying every minute and place i go and with every person I met or see . It gives me a feeling that i can’t really put into words apart from “being truly Happy ”


I have being making so many “mind maps” of thoughts and ideas that are in my head and it is so freeing, having things on paper is so awesome. you can write down everything and nothing is silly or impossible. Its where it all starts , you gotta get it out and tell the universe as then it can help you, And trust me it does. Searching into ideas and expanding on different words is so much fun and sharing with others only makes things come to life and happen when you least expect it.


So From now on I will be writing and exploring more and more. Im going to be letting you and others be my inspiration for my adventures and life. I want to find those people living their dreams, the ones following their passions and following a idea that others think is crazy. If you know of anyone like this I want to hear about them, no matter where in the world they are . I will then find them how ever I can and bring their story of awesomeness to you so you too can be inspired to get into your dreams and live them. Everything is so possible if you want it to be, you just gotta want it. Believe


Also I want to get out there and find people who are helping others and share their stories too, the charities who are do amazing things , helping kids move and everyone to eat better and look after themselves. Which is going to help me learn and live the life i want too.

One big thing I’m doing is getting rid of almost all my stuff, I mean almost everything and only  Keeping the very minimum. I have been taking photos of photos that i had from yrs ago and storing them on a hard drive to then burn all the real ones, giving away all my stuff and clothes I don’t need. My room is getting less and less cluttered everyday and it feels great. I feel great knowing that someone else will be able to enjoy my old things like I did. I’ve also been thinking a lot about rubbish and what I use everyday and buy from shops in the ways of food.  learning from others about food, eating and living in a zero waste way and I’m loving it. For me some huge changes being made which i thought would be hard but aren’t really that bad and knowing it is better for our world I feel better too.

So Im excited for the future and lots going to change and lots of fun times ahead. I can’t wait to share everything with you and hope you will join me and help me be inspired everyday by sharing your stories and friends stories from around the world.

“Here’s to the road less traveled and the dreams that I find along the way”




  • Pamela says:

    Beautiful words Jup! You sound really happy – I am glad for you when I read this. It almost made me cry. I envy you for your freedom. That’s exactly the way to live! You rock!!!! Big hugs to you! Hope to run into you one day again!

  • Cory says:

    Right on Jup! Keep on searching, and let me know next time you are in Japan. I will also definitely be in touch if I manage to get the family down your way!!

  • Noel says:

    Good onya Jup. I think they call it something like ‘enlightenment’. For the last 20yrs I’ve been doing something similar. I started off working with young people running a youth accommodation program. Supporting young males who had lost their way, a bit like I did. There are heaps of services for young females, but minimal for young males. I ran 4 houses, 2 share houses and 2 independent living units. I built up a network of services and individuals to meet the needs of my clients. I collected all sorts of ‘stuff’ because “…one day someone will need it…” Then as the need arose I gave the stuff to those who needed it. I had a bit of a rule, “if it came to me as a donation, it went out as a donation”. No money ever changed hands. The ‘school of hard knocks’ taught me some things I wish I’d never had to learn but now I could pass some of those skills onto others so they didn’t take the same godforsaken path I did. “ahhh, don’t do that, cos this is where it could lead…..”
    One of the share houses had people with intellectual disabilities in it and that threw up even more challenges requiring lots of lateral thinking/other ways to get the same information across in a form they could comprehend. I learnt heaps from them despite the fact they had disabilities. In fact I think I learnt more from them than they did from me. After 8yrs I moved on and instead of youth work I went into the disability field, teaching and supporting people with disabilities to live independently in the community. Again I used those networks to the benefit of my clients. Again there are many agencies out there to help, but individuals have to meet certain criteria to obtain certain types of help. So instead of trying to make the client meet criteria, I tried to bend the criteria to meet the clients needs. In dealing with government and their ‘concrete criteria’ this was a challenge, but a challenge I relished. They would push me away, so I’d just pushed back. My drive was “I wasn’t doing this for me, but for them”. Many years ago we had a teacher, Ms Clark. I remember her telling us there is no such word as “can’t” and to this day I still use that line. Defeat is not something I like and I’d move heaven and earth for my clients.
    Well, then the as…. bottom dropped outta my world and now, well, I’m the one with the disability. After 5 bouts of neurosurgery I’ve been told I’ll probably never work again, which annoys the daylights outta me like you’d never know. After working in the disability field for 12yrs I thought I knew all about it, but being on the other side, being the actual person with a disability has really shown me just how little I knew. It’s a reality I HATE. But I am so grateful I had the opportunity I had, the lesson I’d learnt and the skills I’d developed. They help me manage a situation I never thought I’d be in. Life can throw us some massive curve balls at times, its how we manage them that counts. As I’ve said to many people before “Tomorrow you could walk out your front door and get hit by a bus. How would you cope?”
    All I’d like to add is this:
    Use the knowledge you have and the skills you’ve developed for the betterment of everybody you touch, because tomorrow in the blink of an eye, it could all be gone.

    Best wishes for the challenges ahead.

    • jupbrown says:

      Hi Noel, wow that sounds awesome bro, Id love to know more, any websites or places I could see and learn more. great work, Sorry to hear what has happened but Im sure you will come back. yes totally agree go do it now, you just never know aye. thanks so much for sharing all this and I can’t wait to learn more. cheers bro

      • Noel says:

        Hey Jup,
        I’ve been in Oz for around 25yrs now and I’m not at all sure what services or agencies are over there now. Many of them have probably changed their names, if they even still exist. Over here each state has a Community Services Directory. And depending on your field of interest it’s a great resource. It lists agencies who offer assistance/services within a specific client group. Many of them have their own volunteer programs. Many universities have their own resource lists of agencies too. When I started this journey it was via a uni lecturer who had started his own program. Like you have shown in your journey’s, it’s all about building networks. People who know people and at some time they can all become a resource to assist in reaching an outcome. I had clients all with differing needs, needs that I could not meet personally. So I needed those networks to obtain services to meet those needs. Many/most of the clients had no funds so it was a case of beg/borrow/steal or barter. The old saying of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” was common. One evening we had a B-Double truck loaded with yogurt turn up and it needed to be refrigerated. It was unloaded and we donated to those agencies. About 3 weeks later one of those agencies got a donation and they called me and the wheel had started. From here the network grew, we had farmers donating, transport companies donating, people offering all sorts of services and it was all voluntary. When you get away from the big agencies like the churches, there are many smaller agencies that don’t have the massive financial backing. Many run by volunteer’s. We all have skills, its utilising them for the most benefit, to the most people, that gives the best reward. When all those little agencies network the outcome can be massive.
        I know here in this state there is a service that solely assists volunteers to find a specific agency within their interest field. I know the agencies I worked for had volunteer programs attached and they were all listed with the state’s volunteers coordinators.
        Good luck with the challenges ahead.


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